How to sing better immediately

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5 things you can do to sing better immediately.

There are five simple singing tricks that you can do right now that will help you to sing better straight away. Let’s have a look:

Number 1. Open your mouth. Your mouth is the exit point for your sound. Keeping a nice open mouth will let the sound ring out clearly and makes an instant difference to your tone.

Number 2. Articulation. Make sure you sing all your lyrics clearly so the audience can hear what you are saying and get involved in the song. That emotional connection to the music will make you memorable as a singer.

Number 3. Sing in tune. The note you are singing is just one out of a chord. It doesn’t matter how well you sing that note, if it is wrong if will clash with the other notes in the chord and it will sound bad. Singing in tune is crucial!

Number 4. Pick songs that are in your vocal range. Go for notes that you know you can hit. Do simple songs really well rather than more difficult songs that contain notes you might not be able to reach.

Number 5. Sing like yourself, not like the recording artist. Your unique voice is what makes you stand out. Just sing like you and don’t try to copy someone else.

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